Ephemeral pavilion conceived with Bia Lessa, Humanidade 2012 for Rio+20, the recent international meeting held in Rio de Janeiro. We propose a scaffold building, translucent, exposed to all weather conditions: Light, heat, rain, sounds of waves and wind, reminding man of his frailty when compared to nature. The structure is composed of 5 structural walls measuring 170m in length and 20 meters high, with 5,40meters in between them, creating a suspended walkway over Rio’s landscape. Interrupted when necessary by spaces meant for reflection and thought. The exhibitions rooms act as bracing of the whole structure, stiffening the structure as a whole. One of the main goals in architecture concerning sustainability is to build with what you have in hand. The materials we used are sustainable, meaning that everything is 100% reusable.The project composed by materials previously used, the scaffold leaves its usual place, as support structure, to become a building all by itself.